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dr. nash

Dr. Corky Willhite - Ultimate Esthetics.

Friday, October 28 8:30-4:30 PM
Saturday, October 29 8:30-1:00 PM
Pearl River Hilton Hotel

The Empire State Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry presents our first 2 day seminar and workshop - Ultimate Esthetics. The course focuses on these important topics:


  • Step-by-step procedure for individual tooth changes
  • How to provide solutions for common problems
  • Layering-understand when and why to use each material including tints and opaquers
  • Dramatic Smile Makeovers-why porcelain isn't always the best option
  • Verbal skills that will gain patient interest and increase patient acceptance
  • Relating occlusion and excellent function to cosmetic procedures to enhance value
  • Polishing technique for an incredibly natural finish
  • Maintenance for many years of happy smiles!

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